Friday, September 16, 2005

Sheer Lunacy

I rushed to get Z. in bed for her morning nap around 8:15am, since I was speaking with "Wallace & Gromit" creator Nick Park at 8:30. He was in Toronto for the film's North American premiere. Great guy, it seems, and he did the "Sledgehammer" video, too.

Anyway, with the exception of her afternoon nap, Z. was absolutely insane the rest of the day. Happy insane, at least, but exhausting all the same. Even climbing and playing at My Gym didn't quite wipe her out, and after we got back from a walk to the post office later in the afternoon she was a whirling dirvish. The living room looked like a tornado had set down, she had green on her face from chewing crayons, her hands were still sticky from peaches and bits of her hair were sticking up because, in the middle of lunch, she grabbed a fistful of hummus and rubbed it into her head. Plus, lots of laughing, screaming, screaching and whatnot, all with a big, giant smile.

And you should have seen her when Mom came home. Nuts x 5.

Tonight marks the start of rock and roll week, aka "goodbye, high-end; hello, eardrum buzz." Sufjan Stevens tonight, Amadou & Mariam tomorrow, then Royksopp/Annie, Beck, Sigur Ros, Idlewild and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah one night after the next, beginning next week.


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