Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jesse Loves ...

I'm working on a piece about the adult film industry, and just got a great celebrity/porn star wooing anecdote. Nubile thesbian Jesse Jane (no, I'm not linking) has dated off and on a couple of infamously randy rock stars, one who plays drums in a band that rhymes with "Otley Ooh" and the other who performs as something that rhymes with "Id Ock." At one point she was apparently dating them both at the same time, plus several other folks. "Dating."

Anyway, both rock stars have been recently leaving Ms. Jane messages, trying to get back in her pants, but she's not biting. So "Id Ock," as a gesture of goodwill, sent a packed Budweiser truck to her conservative, military-background father back in Oklahoma. That means "friend for life" in those circles.

You'll know the gesture paid off when you're downloading the inevitable home movie.


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