Friday, October 21, 2005

New Pornographers

The prospect of a Karl Rove indictment is like four cups of coffee and a box of fresh doughnuts.

Last night I caught the New Pornographers, who managed to sell out the Metro and get themselves booked there again for a New Year's Eve show ($60!). I haven't listened to the band much lately, and they sometimes get on my nerves, but they were grrrr-eat last night. Tighter than I've ever seen/heard them, and in fine, funny form. Dan Bejar, also the singer of Destroyer, one of the most annnoying bands on the planet, emerged from the wings, beer in hand, to sing a couple of his N. Pornographers songs, too, but hey, he's fine in small doses. And Neko, of course, sang her heart out, a great front-line team with Carl "A.C." Newman. The latter joked, after someone requested "O Canada," that the Canadian national anthem had been changed to "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers. Neko noted that the American national anthem was long ago changed to "Hotel California."

All the same, I left right before the encores, since I was tired and wanted to let my ears rest, too. Another weekend of no music! Well, at least until Sunday, when I see Cat Power.


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