Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Refrigerator on the Outs in '06?

A few months ago we had our refrigerator repaired, since some little doohicky meant to control the voltage went nuts and the machine went kaput. The repairman did tell us, though, that he would unconditionally guarantee that the machine could very well do the same thing again a few weeks or months down the line, and guess what? It did! He's a smart guy, that repairman. Only this time the voltageometer or whatever went so screwy that the refrigerator now pops the circuit, which of course is Not Good (that's a technical term, meaning "bad"). So while I wait for a guy to show up and fix it again, and while we plan on the possibility of needing to replace a refrigerator that's barely a couple of years old, all of our frozen and cooled stuff is sitting on the front porch while we keep out fingers crossed that the unseasonably mild 40 degree weather is enough to keep the food safe.

Which reminds me: anyone out there house-hunting, beware any ad that notes a "spacious, walk-in refrigerator," since I have a hunch I know what it means.

In other news, my column this week is on Wes Craven. whose "Red Eye" is actually pretty good and, more importantly, less than an hour and a half long. Coming up after that will be Rachel; Weisz, who talked to me about "The Constant Gardener," when of the best movies of the year ('05 division) and the "Fortune" writer who broke the Enron story, Bethany McLean. I remember when a mutual friend told me he heard she got paid half a mil to take a year off from work to focus on the story, and as the Enron trials approach it looks like there remains lots to focus on.

Oh, also saw Jim Jarmusch's "Broken Flowers," which either has more going on than it seems or perhaps a little less than it should. And I'm still reading the Sam Cooke bio, which is slow ... because I am slow! Hopefully, once I finish, I can read the Joan Didion memoir that people love, and then dig into something smart but light, like Elmore Leonard's "Hot Kid" or Michael Connelley's "The Lincoln Lawyer." I don't make New Year's resolutions, but if I did reading more than three or four books a year would be one of them. Needless to say, Baby Z. has retarded my brain activity. If you get my drift.


Anonymous Nancy said...

First house we bought in OP, we went down to the basement as part of an inspection. We didn't notice that the main stack pipe was completely wrapped in insulation and duct tape.

Well, you guessed it, about a year after moving in we were facing a $5,000 plumbing bill, replacing the stack and a large chunk of the basement floor.

I'll never forget the plumber's words when he asked us how long the pipe had been taped. We said when we bought the house and we just hadn't noticed. His response: "Ma'am, duct tape is NEVER a sign of anything good."

Truer words were never spoken.

11:51 AM  

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