Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Coffee Drinker is Never Satisfied

I've been pretty happy with my coffee as of late, thanks to Alma's great gift of monthly Intelligentsia deliveries. But there's always something better, right? Not better than the coffee, which is among the best you can buy, but the maker.

I have a plain ol' automatic drip coffee maker, plus a French press I don't use, but a quick look around determined that there's something better: the Chemex. Not just better, but among coffee lovers often considered the best. It's a manual drip coffee maker that more or less resembles a carafe which requires you to boil the water and regulate the flow, but for just $30, why not give it a shot, I figure?

I'll try it tomorrow and report then. In the meantime I did the legwork: it takes five minutes to boil enough water to make 4 8 oz. cups of coffee, 8 oz. being enough to fill a big American-styled mug.


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