Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Index

Does anyone remember there being a "heat index" ten years ago? No? Me neither. Hot is hot, and honestly I don't know what's gained with this "100 degrees, but 115 with the heat index" nonsense.

For that matter, how come the heat index is never invoked in winter, or the wind chill invoked in summer? You know, "It's 100 degrees today, but with the breeze it feels like 92." Or "It's a chilly 22 out there, but the humidity makes it feel close to 33."

Enough of the news is hysterical enough (in every sense) as it is. Why do they have to make the weather forecasting just as over-the-top? It's just the weather. It's not out to get you. Say it's dangerously hot and leave it at that.


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