Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to Work!

It's been a really quiet last couple of months, for reasons too varied and numerous to recount. But things look to be busy again, which means lots of concerts and interviews. Next week alone I see Mariah Carey, Massive Attack, Tom Petty and A Tribe Called Quest. As for interviews, I've talked recently with a gypsy/Roma rock star in Serbia (first time I've ever called Belgrade), a punk klezmer singer in New York and one of the two guys from the always brilliant Basement Jaxx.

Coming up are interviews with mash-up kings 2 Many DJs and cut-up genius du jour Girl Talk.

Then this weekend is the Touch and Go Records 25th Anniversary party, which every self-respecting Chicago rock fan will be attending.

And all this doesn't include the usual playgroups and activities with Baby Z., plus other obligations.

In a word: phew!


Blogger Nick said...

I dig Girl Talk. Pittsbrugh reprezent! Please send me a link to that interview when you finished, dude.

7:26 AM  

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