Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Aim for the Head

Of course I'm very happy with the election results, and will be even more happy iff those two lingering senate races turns Democrat as well. I guess the always-the-bridesmaid party grew some cojones after all, and they did so with a strategy borrowed from video games and zombie movies: aim for the head. The head being President Job, the worst president since Nixon and, when all's said and done, possibly the worst president of all time. In years past, the bad presidents have simply been forgotten. Job has been too destructive on so many levels to forget, but hopefully the strides the Dems have made will at least make him easier to ignore.

A prediction: when the ink dries in the history books, the story will focus at least as much on how we got to this point in American politics as it will on the cabal of incompetents that have been inexplicably running the show for so long.


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