Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Once, Again

I think "Once" is a simple masterpiece, and perhaps down the road a movie that will be remembered more fondly than, say, "No Country for Old Men" (also a masterpiece). Of course, not many people saw "Once" the first time around, but now that it's on DVD a lot of folks will be able to catch up. Still, Fox isn't taking its chances. Here's the original art (above)

and the new art (below).

Notice how it's been made just a little bit more "Christmas-y"? Perhaps they would have been better off from the start lobbying it down from its harsh, nonsensical R rating, possibly the stupidest rating ever given a movie with no sex, no violence, no drugs and only one or two mild curse words delivered in a thick Irish brogue. I say, it's fine for the whole family, and a lovely film no matter who the audience.


Blogger Marketing Mommy said...

I think the most interesting difference is how the two characters have been moved closer together so that it appears they're holding hands.

Great movie, though.

12:58 PM  

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