Saturday, June 28, 2008

So, What has Happened?

1) Summer has arrived, which means less time for everything.

2) Primary's over, which means less grist for the mill.

But life goes on! Seen a few shows lately, including a fine night with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Today the whole family went to see some of Stevie Wonder at the taste of Chicago. Predictably, he was Wonder-ful. Get it? That's his name! As usual, too many people at the Taste of Chicago for my tastes, and towing two kids made it all the more difficult to navigate. I doubt I'll ever go to the Taste again until someone of Stevie's stature is playing, and even then they better be on my shortlist of acts I've never seen. Which is a very short list!

In the most exciting turn of the summer so far, two days ago I (probably) broke a toe, and an hour ago I (definitely) sliced open my ankle. Yesterday a kids plate came flying out of the cabinet and shattered my Chemex coffee carafe into a bunch of big pieces. I tossed them in the trash and promptly forgot about them, until I picked up the plastic bag to take outside tonight and was surprised by the big shard that gashed me. So not only am I jonesing for caffeine, now I likely need to go to an urgent care clinic first thing tomorrow to (possibly) get stitches. And then I need to limp downtown into Chicago to get a new Chemex carafe.


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