Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Man Biden

There are lots of reasons why Joe Biden is a great pick for VP, but one of the best reasons is that several of his purported weaknesses as an insider or egotist actually work to his and Obama's advantage. If we've learned one thing from the past eight years it's that a rogue VP let off the leash can do a lot of damage. Unlike Cheney, Biden splits the difference between team player and independent, and his presence in the White House would be more productive than destructive. He'll get things done, but on Obama's terms.

It is intriguing, however, that one of the main legacies of President Job will likely be that the VP slot will finally mean something concrete, that now and in the future the VP pick will mean adding another active power player to the ticket rather than just a bland meet-and-greet cuckold who bakes cookies or pretends to care when a busy president doesn't have the time to hang out at elementary schools reading books to kids.

In fact, Biden is every bit the "maverick" that people still stubbornly, stupidly claim McCain to be, except his idea of compromise doesn't compromise his own ideals for personal gain. And more importantly, unlike McCain, I bet Biden knows how many homes he owns.

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