Monday, September 22, 2008

Unpatriotic Act

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Facing a global threat of unprecedented scope and danger, the Bush administration requests an immediate virtual blank check and expansion of powers, with minimal transparency, that ultimately supports and otherwise bolsters corporate interests at the expense of tax payers. And time is of the essence!

Except that this isn't the Patriot Act or anything to do with the "war" on terror but that $1 trillion dollar bill to assuage the collapse of various financial institutions. It's the administration's attempt to prop up companies undone by their own greed and irresponsibility, giant banks and investment houses to be relieved of their own bad investments at the expense of the poor folk they took advantage of in the first place - with lures of low or no interest - the end result of a steady erosion of Depression Era stopgaps put in place to limit just this kind of exploitation of economic loop holes.

Congressional critics will eventually cave and sign something, but there's absolutely no proof that the bill will do anything to staunch the ongoing collapse. Yet isn't that President Job's M.O.? Why deal with problems today when they can be postponed until tomorrow? It's still more arrogance and idiocy from the same people who have basically cornered the market on such things, and no matter who wins in November, thanks to these chumps, America is essentially screwed, for decades to come, on multiple fronts.

President Job is worried about his legacy? Well, we're watching it come into shape, one disaster at a time.

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