Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Could Have Been Worse

I had been asking Z. if she needed to go potty about once every five minutes in the hour before our flight to England. No, she kept saying, I don't need to. And she didn't ... until right after takeoff, in the middle of a choppy ascent, with everyone strapped to their seats. "I need to go potty," she pleaded. "Please! I can't hold it!"

After a while I pressed the call button to ask the flight attendant if it was OK to bring Z. the potty, but they ignored me and my flashing light, even as they walked by. So I eventually flagged one down and asked if it was OK to take Z. to the potty. "We recommend staying in your seat," she more or less snapped. That wasn't a no, but still. And yet, a couple of minutes later, I saw an adult get up and go to the bathroom, so I went back to ask the seated attendant whether it was still unsafe. "Can I take my daughter to the bathroom?" I asked again, noting that this dude had just used the bathroom. "If you do, we can't be held responsible," she grumbled. I almost told her she would be held responsible if Z. pooped her pants and stunk up the plane, but eventually just blew off her warning and took Z. to the potty, where she made the world's tiniest tinkle.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, even if the airline made sleep, how ever fleetingly, all but impossible with constant interruption and lights-on until there was just a couple of hours left in the air. Z. had no problem getting about three or four hours of sleep. I only got a couple.

Yet exhausted or not, Z. is thrilled to be in Leeds with Aunt Bethany, where they've played, shared a plate of mac and cheese and browsed the library, all on day one. Tonight is fish and chips takeaway night, which should strike her fancy before we make an early night of it to catch up on Z.'s zzz's.

The weather today was cold, but apparently the last of the protracted cold snap leading into 50s spring weather, though as Bethany noted and my own eyes confirmed, students here up north greet the slightest glimmer of spring by stripping down to summer garb that gave me the chills everytime one of the bare-limbed girls or guys strolled by. Brrrr!


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