Saturday, September 17, 2005

How Generous

Last night, killing time at a bar before the show, I was watching a TV with the sound turned off. A commercial came on for a car dealership with a special Hurricane Katrina benefit in progress. For ever car sold, the guy said, they would donate $25 to Hurricane Katrina relief. No, really! $25! Why do we even need Congress to allocate all that money, when this guy was willing to donate $25 per car. See, he even had a set goal of $100,000. My math isn't that good, but that's about 4000 cars, I thin. By the time this cheapskate shifts that many vehicles, no doubt some other disaster will have hit.

In other moron news, my friend and I each nursed a beer until it was time to cash out. He took out his money but had to wait five minutes for the bartender to stop talking with his co-workers and finally get around to us. We told him we wanted to cash out, he nodded, and went over to the tap. My friend reminded him we wanted to cash out, he nodded and started filling two more glasses. So my friend gets his attention once more and says, hey, we want to pay and leave. He finally gets the message, apologizes and asks the other bartender who was originally serving us how much the tab was. My friend offers a $20, the bartender says thanks and then goes back to business.

At which point my friend says, hey, where's my change? We each just had one beer. And the guy goes, oh, this is for the other two you had before. Huh? We told him we only had one beer each, he talks to the female bartender, she comes over and says, yeah, but this is for the other two as well. Meaning the two the bartender was mistakenly filling before he realized we were ready to leave. So we say again, we only had two beers, total, and it finally clicks. She apologizes as well and we finally get out of there. English, by the way, was spoken by all, but that's apparently no guarantor of communication.

Sufjan Stevens, by the way, was excellent. The whole band was dressed like cheerleaders and at one point they even did a human pyramid. Nice misdirection, given the subject matter of the songs ranged from cancer to John Wayne Gacy.


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