Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is this decade close to over yet?

When asked if our government was prepared for a bird flu pandemic, even Alma was cynical.

"Yeah, right, not unless Bush heard it from a high school buddy or some longtime adviser who worked for his father."

The President is such a sad, sad man, so proud of his loyalities to people that consistently lead him astray. Dick Cheney, friend of dad, heads his Vice President search and chooses himself. Harriet Miers? Probably the closest person Bush could find come deadline, which is why he insists he picked the best candidate for Supreme Court he could think of (which says lots of Miers' past claim that Bush is the most brilliant man she has ever met).

So this avian flu could be really serious, but I have a hunch Alma is right. Bush won't even hear about it until Jonesy or Petey or Big Butt Billy or Stinky or Texas Willie runs it by him over golf, and even then they'll probably downplay it.

"Bird flu? When was the last time you saw a sick bird? Don't worry about it, Mr. President. Now watch this putt."

Anyway, since we've already established that God hates President Bush, plan on 1/3 the planet getting wiped out by pigeons and chickens some time in the next three years.


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