Saturday, October 22, 2005

One Year

A good friend noted how she couldn't believe Baby Z. was almost a year old. But boy, is it easy to believe from this end! Almost walking, almost talking, lots of teeth, even more personality ... it's like having the world's smartest pet wandering around the house, and she's still developing exponentially.

Speaking of pets, Alma always tells me about the ritual relationship between Z. and Tallulah, the more tolerant of our two cats. But yesterday was the first time I really saw it in action. Z., up from her nap, wandered over to where Tallulah was splayed across the rug and proceeded to whack her affectionately again and again. Fortunately, Tallulah seems to like this, though after a few minutes Tallulah whacked back and I had to remove the baby. Funny to watch, though. I guess after nearly a year of being relatively starved for affection, Tallulah will put up with anything.

She also now wakes me up regularly between 3 and 5 am for food, or sometimes just to say hello. Thanks, cat!


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