Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Choking Game

Everywhere I look, it's "the choking game"-this or "the choking game"-that. I remember "the choking game" from my own childhood, back when it was called "choking."


Blogger Loni said...

Last reported there were 500 deaths in 2004 of this "choking game". Kids think nothing will hurt them - this is not a drug - just one time, etc. My son was one of them. He was only 16. And despite losing him and going through this awful pain, yes I am so thankful to have had him - to have loved him - than not having him at all. He was a "good kid". He would have never tried drugs. He loved life - loved his 9 siblings - and most of all loved God. He had compassion for people. But, he learned of a game - this game he lost - lost his life. He tried the "choking game". His 11 year old brother found him hanging. His 15 year old brother cut him down. We are at almost a year since his death, and it's still very hard. This game is dangerous, foolish, and mostly likely WILL cause death. It's not worth the risk. I know. I miss my son.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a bad thing to start doing. It can be addictive. I know that sounds crazy, but I was introduced to this when I was nine, and its years later and I still struggle with it. I started with pillows and pulling cords and 'graduated' to self-hanging. It does give you a high but it isn't worth it. I've been posting on a couple of different blogs, I dont know why, maybe to warn people. Please tell your kids about this, don't let them start. It's hard to believe I could really die....I can't seem to stop. I don't know what's going to happen to me.

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