Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dropping the Dropped Ball

No question the Congress and Senate (and, who knows, maybe the entire Job Administration) are struggling for a semi-face saving way to get us out of Iraq. "Semi" since our very presence there and the increasingly shaky stuff that got us to this point has already cost this country much "face." But the Dems are missing a big opportunity to push loud and hard for our withdrawl. If they're not careful, the Repubs will do it themselves, making the Dems look like passive observers while the Repubs get credit for a very popular move. Get with it, losers on the left!

In other news, the oft overlooked second album by Urban Dance Squad - "Life 'N Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover" - still sounds pretty ahead of its time. Also ahead of its time: the obscure folk-rock of Bill Fay, whose first album not only informs recent Wilco but also this year's great album by Richard Hawley.

Speaking of great albums, there really haven't been many this year. Reissues, yes, always reissues. But new albums? With a few exceptions - Sufjan Stevens, Hold Steady, MIA, a couple of others - it's stinkers across the board, pretty much, unless someone can point me to something I missed.

As for boxed sets, Rhino's recent girl group collection is ace. (Many links to be added later when I have more time.)

Today I hope to pick up that Springsteen "Born to Run" boxed set, but I'm pretty patient when it comes to shelling out dough for new (old) stuff.


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