Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cat Training

Lately - well, the past several months, off and on - Tallulah has been waking me up at 3:30 in the morning. She meows and meows and knocks crap over until I get up from bed, walk downstairs and top off her food. If she does it a second time, usually around 5am, all I have to do is get out of bed and walk her downstairs. That buys me another couple of hours.

Last night was the final straw, though, so I sought out a solution on the internet. Among many answers - plus the in-retrospect obvious observation that in fact I had been reinforcing the cat to wake me up, with the promise of reward, and in fact had been trained myself - came this site, which intriguingly calls for a passive/aggressive response. Every time I see Tallulah napping, I'm supposed to wake *her* up! That way she'll eventually get so tired she'll have to sleep all night. It's now just a 10-14 day process of ignoring her, training her and otherwise torturing her. About five times already today I've found her cuddled up somewhere, then grabbed her and basically dropped her next to the baby for "fun" time. I don't think she minds yet, but dammit, she will soon enough!


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