Thursday, December 01, 2005

Newspapers are dead! Long live newspapers!

This piece in the Chicago Tribune argues - correctly- what few have argued but should be argued, namely that newspapers will not and cannot be killed by blogs because most blogs are reacting to what they read in the traditional press. If newspapers died, who would do the reporting? Some slob posting in his underwear, getting PopTart crumbs on his keyboard? Blogs are little more than compendiums of links, collated for tastes and political preferences. Take away newspapers and there won't be much left to link to.

Speaking of which, that link above may or may not still be up by the time you click through to it, and may or may not ask you to register, and may or may not charge you to read it. That, I think, is what's killing newspapers. Everything should be made available, but factor in links to other sites and blogs as a lure to advertisers. Who knows, maybe papers like the Trib are doing that already, but I can't think any pubs run so sloppily by faceless corporate handlers would have the foresight to do something so progressive. Like the record industry, they have to wait until they’re spinning around the toilet bowl before learning to swim.


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