Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Old Grey Whistle Test

I was watching the second (U.S.) volume compiling the legendary U.K. music program "The Old Grey Whistle Test." While flipping though the likes of prime Patti Smith and Siouxsie and the Banshees, I decided to quiz Alma on the age of the clips. She was eerily accurate. The Who? She guessed the performance of "Relay" was from 1973, based on the frowny face sticker on Keith Moon's drum set, which she recognized was a parody of the smiley face stickers that came into vogue in the early '70s. Hall and Oates? She figured "She's Gone" was from around 1976 (correct!) based on the fashions and hair. But Roxy Music threw her off. She guessed 1980 or 1981, when in fact the performance of "Ladytron" was from 1972! Talk about ahead of your time.

She was also thrown by Tim Buckley, also ahead of his time but a little more obscure than Roxy Music. I gave Alma a hint: he's dead, and he has a famous son you've heard of who is also dead.

Alma's guess? River Phoenix.


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