Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Understand

Has anyone else noticed that President Job's rhetorical strategy has remained consistent for the past several months? Someone asks a question or expresses concern, and he responds by saying something along the lines of: "I understand how some people may disagree, but ..." or "I know we've made some misjudgments, but ..." or "I realize some people are concerned, and I understand their concern, but ..." It's a sneaky way of pretending he's paying attention, and pretending he cares, whiles simply going ahead with what he's been doing or wanted to do all along. It's all getting kind of annoying. And of course, no one is calling him on it.

Now, I understand why some people may not be calling him on it. But he's a sneaky moron who continues to get a free ride from a press that thinks repeating questions is enough and following up somehow unnecessary.


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