Saturday, March 11, 2006

What a Great Day

What a great day, so great it technically started yesterday. Let’s recount!

Last night I was in bed reading the new issue of Mojo, back to front, as is my wont, from reviews to the letters page. When I got to the letters page, I saw that many were about a mysterious Kinks cover. Ever more intriguing, others were about a Talk Talk feature! I figured I missed an issue, so planned to get it at Borders the next day (today). I picked Borders because I bought the new issue (another Pink Floyd cover story) at an on the ball indie. I had a hunch Borders would not be on the ball, and would perhaps still have the old issue on the shelves.

This morning, after Alma went to work, Baby Z. and I played a little and then went to Borders. It was already in the upper 40s, which is a good sign after a Chicago winter. You take what you can get when it comes to the first glimmers of spring. Anyway, we get to Borders and … no issues of Mojo at all. That means one of two likely things: that the old issue had sold out, or more likely that the old issue was taken off the shelves and the new issue not yet placed on the shelves. Ah, slow Borders!

Only momentarily thwarted, I then figured some other Borders may be even slower, and lo – there’s a Borders next to Trader Joe’s in LaGrange! So after a fun Temple Tots playgroup with Baby Z., when packed back in the car and headed west to go grocery shopping, and to pick up the old issue of Mojo. Success! And at Trader Joe’s, Baby Z. got a pink balloon!

It being pseudo-spring outside, we spent the rest of the afternoon going for walks, playing in the park, and riding the neighbor’s skateboard.

When Alma got home, I handed off the baby and rushed to see Belle & Sebastian, for whom I had managed to finagle a sole ticket (not bad for a sold out show I wasn’t reviewing). But beforehand I met a friend and two of his friends from NPR. We had Mexican for dinner, and then my friend helped me get into the VIP area of the show. There’s free, and then there’s VIP, which is, of course, even better.

The show was the best I’d seen them, a blast. And they hinted they’d be back this summer, which makes me suspect they’ll be added to the Pitchfork Fest, which is a bargain at $30 for two days. And then I find out from my friend that not only is Bruce Springsteen planning to release a 1978 concert DVD, but AC/DC may play Soldier’s Field this summer. How awesome would that be?

The icing on the cake coming home:

-seeing a cop taking a leak in Lower Wacker, with his idling car’s lights flashing
-seeing the 290 travel time to Harlem listed as 10 minutes, not the usual 11, under the old Post Office
-seeing a man walking alone down the side of the highway, talking on a cell phone
-seeing a group of teens down the street from home playing Frisbee at 11:30.

Ah, spring is here!

P.S. Of course, had all three of us spent the whole day together, that would have been even better. But that's what the weekends are for!


Blogger Mike said...

You guys have Trader Joes in CHicagoland now?

Lucky bastards!

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