Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good News and Bad News

First, thanks to everyone sending in their thoughts. For the record, though, as much as I wish I was as brave as everyone thinks I am, the pain has thus far only been unbearable Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon. And by unbearable I mean I haven't been doing much during those bouts, let alone blogging.

Got back from the doctor this morning, who told me that the CT scan showed only one stone (good!) but that it was not 4mm but in fact 6mm (bad!). Bad, because only 30% or so of patients pass a kidney stone of that size on their own. To that end, I'm seeing a urologist tomorrow morning, who may prescribe a watch-and-wait approach, offer to break it up with sound waves or schedule surgery, depending. Who knows?

Any way you spell it, it spells fun city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alma tells me (Thurs) that it looks like shock waves and surgery are the order of the day. I sure hope that you manage to pass the little bugger tonight and the procedure becomes unnecessary tomorrow. Best of luck!!

Mom-in-law Nancy

1:26 PM  

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