Monday, April 10, 2006

Regime Change

I love how President Job's horrible politics have given him (and America) such a black eye that his very stubborn, stupid, arrogant existence is enough to get leaders booted out of office. First Spain, now Italy - the protest vote in full effect.* We'll see what goes down in the near future in England, and as for France, well, they're smug in their isolationist cocoon.

And really, that may be the downside of all of this. Rather than protesting U.S. policy with alternative ideas/ideals, they're protesting with alternative lifestyles (if you pardon the invocation). Europe's going to end up a mess, with so many circle-the-wagons, neo-nationalist, isolationist governments (and shrinking populaces) trying to co-exist, while the world goes (and grows) on without them.

I'd much rather have a more constructive European presence, but our asshole in chief is apparently so alienating, frustrating and downright objectionable/hard to work with that the Europeans would much rather just wait this fight out. Unfortunately, that leaves Job free to screw around with global politics with few if any international checks and balances. Who would have ever imagined that we'd thank Russia and China for being the voice of reason on subjects such as Iran or North Korea? They may have their own nefarious goals, but at least they realize the power of "no" versus the pointlessness of silent, self-satisfied judgment.

*OK, there may be more at work in Italy than the effect of President Job. Much more, in fact. But I'd still like to think he played a part in the downfall of a nutty ally, assuming said nutty ally is felled or bested.


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