Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wow, an Update!

You know, just so no one thinks I'm dead.

I've been feeling pretty good since Monday after a rough recovery from the lithotripsy. No need for pain medicine, not really even Tylenol. I still have a slight ache where the stent is, on my left side, but I can deal with it.

Tomorrow morning I go back to the urologist for an x-ray and, perhaps, the all clear. They had been telling me to drink a lot of water and look for any stone particles, but that got pretty annoying after just a week. After all, the lithotripsy may have smashed the thing into a million invisible bits. Who's to say I'd actually catch one of them? To that end I have been less than vigilant, and exclusively less than vigilant whenever I leave the house. It's not that easy to take a strainer and jug with you everywhere you go. Besides, if they really expected me to catch something in the strainer, then I wouldn't need an x-ray, would I? If the x-ray is the final arbiter, I think the straining gets reduced to more of a curious hobby than a necessity.

Amusingly, every single person I've told of my ordeal either stays riveted or, if they've had stones or family members with stones, guesses straight out where I'm going with it. The stories are all pretty darn similar. I got the first of many punchlines in the mail today, though: my emergency room bill!

The damage? Oh, just about $5800. Most of that was the CT scan, which apparently eats up a lot of cash while it hums innocently.


Blogger Mike said...

Glad you are feeling better dude! If you were really using the old noggin, you should just wear diapers, and then wring them out over your strainer at the end of each day!

4:50 PM  

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