Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My good buddy Antonia recently wrote that Axl Rose "has a back catalog impossible to beat.".

"Back catalog impossible to beat?" I don't know about that. "Appetite," perhaps, and Axl himself has been trying to beat it for decades. In fact, what was "Use Your Illusion" (which I like) if not the sound of Axl beating it for two hours (heh heh)? Now, topping it or even matching it is another matter, and without someone like Izzy on hand it'll never happen. I predict "Chinese Democracy" will be the GNR equivalent of the Clash's "Cut the Crap," minus anything as good as "This is England."

By the way, why do people act like the wait for "Chinese Democracy" has been that long? Ten years? Thirteeen years? Big deal. Some acts that have taken about as long or longer as GNR between records:

Mission of Burma
Peter Gabriel
The Soft Boys
Kate Bush
The Go-Betweens
King Crimson
John Fogerty

And these all turned out more or less OK.


Blogger auralfixations said...

OK, sure, it's only been a decade or so. But were Mission of Burma acting like babies in the studio and blowing their entire record advance for 20 years? Axl's just a big, giant baby. I love him, but he is.

Potentially more interesting side note: When is Steven Adler going to get that No Bed of Roses tell-all published? I could use a good laugh.

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