Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speaking of anniversaries ...

I'm so glad that since I don't have cable and, because I was watching Baby Z. yesterday, I was never in one place long enough to read the news or listen to the radio, I missed virtually all the retrospective September 11th stuff yesterday, and boy, am I happy. I remember that day like it was yesterday, not so much because it was seared in my mind but because it was only five short years ago. Why do we need all this overkill tribute crap? Who doesn't remember? Who needs to be reminded, again and again, what happened, especially while the giant hole in Manhattan is still - mysteriously, frustratingly, preposterously - just a giant hole?

Anyway, all thinking back about it does for me is make me very, very angry. Not so much at what happened - there have been bigger disasters in American history, and there will be bigger ones still, perhaps terrorist related, perhaps not. Heck, at this rate it won’t be long until more Americans have been killed in Iraq than at the World Trade Center, and that, truly, will have been for nothing. Also, at least in the case of Sept. 11 there was someone to blame other than fate, which at least allows for some degree of potential catharsis.

No, the reason I get so mad is that for all the blame to go around, the one person who seems to attract the least of it is President Job, who, lest one truly forget, was the friggin' president who let this happen on his watch. I mean, for crying out loud! I guess the rest of his time in the White House has been so equally disastrous that people are too in tune with what he's screwing up now to address all he's screwed up in the recent past, which in terms of his screw ups feels decades ago already. I suppose that's why we have history, huh? So that, when the histrionic, strident and exploitative anniversaries fade away and Sept. 11 inevitably becomes just another national holiday, we'll be able to pause and ponder the mess of a world around us and think back:

This is all his fault.

My catharsis will come when this destructive, senseless, witless man leaves office, gets some cushy corporate job (‘cause he can’t cut it as a motivational speaker) and whoever replaces him gets to work righting all he’s done wrong.


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