Thursday, January 11, 2007

History Repeats

The parallels between Lyndon B. Johnson's 1967 Vietnam-era State of the Union speech and President Job's last night are eerie and frightening. Check out this link for a line by line comparison.

In more positive news, I followed the more or less worthless "The Ruins" with the most recent Peter Carey novel "Theft: A Love Story." Said story probably could have been fleshed out a bit more, but man, that guy can write. He's without question the greatest living Australian novelist.

Ok, he may as well be the only living Australian novelist, for all I know, but he's great all the same.

Eleanor? Simon? Am I missing some other major antipodean man of letters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men and women! Tim Winton, Kate Grenville, Alex Miller, Murray Bail & Shirley Hazzard to name a few that are read (somewhat) widely overseas as well as here. I highly recommend The Turning, short stories by Winton; Grenville's The Secret River; Miller's Journey to Stone Country; Bail's Eucalypt & Hazzard's The Great Fire.
your sis-in-law

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