Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Saturday, Feb. 3 in New York

There was a pretty quick turn around between our Mexico trip and my departure to New York. Thankfully, our daycare provider and neighbor are both pretty helpful and flexible, as is Alma, whose permission was essential to my trip. In theory, I went out to New York to cover a couple of shows, but I got so much more than I bargained for.

Just kidding. It was mostly about the shows. But in between I caught up with a couple of friends, beginning with Fred, who lives in Ft. Green, Brooklyn. I took a cab down there to pick up keys to my friend Jeff’s parents’ place, currently vacant but fully operational (and very big) on the Upper East Side. Fred took me to Geribaldi’s, one of New York’s great old school pizza places, located near the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (or Dumbo, if you buy into the silly real estate nicknames). We waited an awful long time in the freezing wind, in line – at an odd time of day, no less – to get in. Meanwhile, everyone outside was shivering as the wind whipped around the corner.

The funniest bit came when some other tourist in front of us turned to Fred and asked him if he had ever been there before.

“Yeah,” answered Fred.

“So,” said the dude, “is it any good?”

“Uh, yeah?” answered Fred. I mean, why else would we be waiting in line so long, in the freezing cold? Duh. It was pretty good, served whole as a pie rather than by the slice. We got pepperoni and garlic.

After pizza, Fred and I walked back to his place (he blamed the cold on his inability to find the numerous subway stops). On the way I bought a hat on the street, since my ears were falling off. It took long enough that we had to skip a famous Brooklyn bakery, most notorious for baking Lil’ Kim’s get-out-of-prison cake. The line was too long, so we just hopped on the train to Jeff’s UES place, where we warmed up.

Next we grabbed a cab to get down to Radio City Music Hall, where we saw the legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone conduct a program of his best known film scores. Strangely, this marked his debut live performance in the States. Go figure. At the event I saw Brian DePalma. A friend (with better seats) saw Liam Neeson and Willem Dafoe. Afterwards I headed straight home, since I was exhausted and had a lot on tap for the next day. I picked up some provisions at a local grocer (coffee, bananas) then promptly collapsed.


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