Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It Gets Worse!

So, anyone else see or read of the Tillman testimony? Very sad, equally infuriating stuff. It's remarkable that the same people once pegged as heroes by the administration - like America's sweetheart Jessica Lynch (remember her?) - have in turn accused the government of manipulation and outright deception. And then there's more Wolfowitz, whose dubious World Bank dealings have him in deep doo-doo. Harry Reid brushes off attacks from Dick Cheney with a great diss: "I'm not going to get into a name-calling match with someone who has a 9-percent approval rating." The nutball kook Ohio congressman Kucinich had the cojones to actually submit articles of impeachment for Cheney. George McGovern predicted both Cheney and President Job won't last their term. Karl Rove is being investigated, again, which makes him the center of at least three major corruption investigations, maybe more: the attorney general scandal, Abramoff bribes, the Plame leak, destruction of evidence (RNC emails), etc. Maybe more. Probably more.

To be honest, it's so hard to keep up. People are already wondering out loud what back channel deals are being struck to keep these guys out of jail - or at least out of the courts - once they're out of office. It's all so totally depressing, but at the same time watching this house of cards collapse in slow motion is kind of like a long season of "American Idol," where the losers, deep in denial, stay on, vote after vote. President Job? Maybe President Sanjaya is more accurate.

Dude, America has spoken. It's time to go home and clear brush.

On the bright side, the new album by The National, "Boxer," is great. Truly great. Which in turn makes 2007 already 10 times as good for music as 2006, with albums by LCD Soundsystem and Panda Pear joining "Boxer" as discs I already know I'll be enjoying for years to come.


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