Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Angry Earth

That's the headline at The Huffington Post, rounding up the natural global chaos as of that. Droughts, famines, tornadoes, cyclones ... I imagine one way or another many of these are linked to climate change, or at least could be. Earthquakes in China, on the other hand, can't be blamed on us dumb humans, though as I understand at least the Chinese government is making some effort to help out this time. Apparently, even they took a lot of shit for failing to respond quickly during the ice storms and surprise winter shock a year or two ago that killed thousands of farmers and other poor folks. This time, the Chinese leadership wants to be seen as if not responsible then certainly responsive. That certainly beats President Job sending out his wife to criticize the Burmese government over their response to the cyclone.

Yeah, like the current administration has been ace at responding to natural disaster.


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