Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Says: No More War!

Except maybe Iran and Russia.

Could McCain's speech in progress possibly be a more explicit encapsulation of an older (and much, much whiter) generation and a previous mode of thinking and a newer, younger one with a better idea if not grasp of the future?

McCain's said a few sensible things, but it can't be a coincidence that those few things drew the most tepid response from the red meat Republican crowd. He's also contradicted himself numerous times. Is he a fly solo maverick, or a team player? Is President Job and his cronies responsible for the current state of affairs, or is the root of all evil more nebulous and mysterious? What about McCain's blatant bid for the support of the religious right, the true heart and soul of the modern day Republican party? More importantly, what about all the invasive laws and imposed restrictions these loonies would inflict on us all? How can you talk about the shame and pain of torture from personal experience, yet not renounce the current administration's support of similar tactics?

Anyway, I assume now that he's reverted to full-on POW mode, he's wrapping things up on a hyper patriotic note. Why not just call for a renewal of the draft, McCain, if getting shot down helped you find God, country and purpose? Maybe we could all use a little time in a box to see things your way.

On PBS they're noting the size of the balloons dropping. There's a metaphor there.

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