Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here Comes the Flood

One after another, Obama keeps racking up new endorsements. The Chicago Tribune (which has never endorsed a Democrat). The Houston Chronicle (which hasn't endorsed a Democrat since 1964). The LA Times (which has never endorsed anyone). The list goes on and on. Then Obama draws 100,000 to a St. Louis rally. Then Colin Powell endorses him. Then he raises $150 million in one month, doubling his personal record and essentially doubling McCain's entire campaign coffers. Even if it's not over it's as close to being over as can be. At this rate, even Bush will endorse Obama.

Anyway, this all adds up to a referendum, and a real one at that. If Obama runs away with this thing in two weeks, no one will be able to say boo about the results, and a horrible chapter in our recent history will finally begin to recede. Obama's will be the first true "Do-Over" presidency, beginning with undoing all the damage done before him and continuing forward by pointing the country back in the right direction.

And that's "right" in the moral sense, by the way, not "right" as in the morons, racists and nuts who blindly follow the risible Republican party, folks who always believe these repeat offender failures will somehow cut spending and taxes and make them safer despite all evidence to the contrary, and folks who turn a blind eye to all the bad things done in their name, from torture to ignoring the 21st century realities of climate change. You know, Palin's people. Anti-intellectual fanatics and fundamentalists that place gut feelings and "blinking" above common sense and the good of the country. If anyone is truly "anti-American," it's these people who have dragged us down for decades and worked to destroy all the things that do or can make us great.


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