Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

It's sad to see what John McCain has become, yet in a vacuum, it's sort of funny in its shamelessness. His campaign has been full of lies, yet it's Obama who is now depicted the liar. It's McCain (and Palin) who have been fighting dirty, yet it's suddenly Obama who they paint as a dirty campaigner. It's McCain whose past indiscretions and associations sullied his reputation (back when he had a reputation to sully), and yet it's Obama they paint as morally and ethically dubious. Granted, none of these recent moves have been as ballsy as trying to appropriate Obama's mantle of change - I mean, come one, really? - but considering the depths he's suddenly willing to sink to in an effort to keep all the subjects that matter (and hurt him) off the table, McCain's desperate all-or-nothing strategy will likely leave him with the latter, no matter what the outcome of the election. Either way, he'll end up part pariah, part pinata, and everyone will be lining up to take a swing.


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