Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bambi to Up, Generation to Generation

Yesterday I watched "Bambi" with Z., she for the first time, and yes, it made me cry (again). Today I took Z. to see "Up," the new Pixar flick, and the opening prologue made me cry, too. Then again, in both cases, I believe we're talking about some of the most moving movie sequences ever made: the death of Bambi's mother and a four-minute silent montage in "Up" that has to be seen to be appreciated. The rest of "Up" ... eh.

In other news, I also caught up with "Hostel II," if anything even more vilified than its predecessor. And you know what? It's trash, but a different sort of trash, very much in the Gothic Hammer vein and so over the top in its Grand Guignol sequences it's kind of silly, particularly the scene where a woman is stripped nude, bound and suspended upside down over a bath, so that the female Euro-trash villain - also nude, and straight out of a Dracula movie - can slice her open and luxuriate in her dripping blood. Sick? Ridiculous, is more like it. Worthless? I've seen worse.

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