Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eat Crow

I received the new Sheryl Crow record in the mail today and realized that it arrived preceded by absolutely no buzz, hype or anticipation. It just appeared like another, say, Black Crowes record. Snooze. Does anyone else remember when Sheryl Crow used to be sort of an underdog? Not since Lenny Kravitz has a mainstream musician squandered so much initial good will (read the old reviews!) to become a risibile and ridiculous parody of themselves. Both began as relative DIY types, as far as pop music goes, but now may as well be robots. Or maybe they were robots all along, and now that they've infiltrated high levels of society they can complete implementation of their plan to destroy humanity.

By the way, Crow looks eerily like Ann Coulter on the cover of "Entertainment Weekly." Gives new meaning to "ew."


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