Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hole in the Head

As far as I know, the Sugababes are an assembled pop group from the UK. They had a great single in the relatively lo-tech "Freak Like Me," which some dude famously combined with Gary Numan a few years ago, an early mash-up highlight. I don't even know if the group's albums have been released in the U.S., but I got "Hole in the Head" from their singles collection. It's pretty catchy, and just odd enough to catch my ear. It's also pretty infectious and worked well in the number 4 slot.

My wife and I agree that top 40 has for the past five or so years been better than it had been for ages, lots of inventive songs and interesting sounds. Some people fear pop music, but the truth is a lot is much more adventurous than what passes for "progressive" these days. Lyrically I'll concede that much hip-hop/r&b/pop is pretty lacking, but the same holds for a host of acts. Like, say, 99% across the spectrum. Exceptions like (for example) Amy Rigby almost throw you off with their cleverness.


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