Sunday, September 25, 2005


Every few months my sister puts out a call for mix CDs, to be exchanged by a handful of participants in her Nerds of the Mix group. I think the most recent was the 5th disc I made. Here's my tracklist, with comments to be added later:

1. Wasis Diop “Once in a Lifetime”
2. The Flirts “Helpless (You took my Love)” (12” mix”)
3. The Mekons “Where Were You? “
4. Sugababes “Hole In The Head”
5. Annie “Chewing Gum” (FakeID remix)
6. Stranglers “Golden Brown”
7. Kate & Anna McGarrigle “Complainte Pour Ste Catherine”
8. Bryan Ferry “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall”
9. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Cities in Dust “
10. Cockney Rebel “Judy Teen”
11. Shriekback “Lined Up”
12. Kiley Dean “America”
13. Ween “It's Gonna Be (Alright)”
14. Robert Scott “Fog And Wind”
15. Creedence Clearwater Revival “It Came Out Of The Sky”
16. Mad Scene “Spilled Oranges”
17. Fellini “Teu Inglês”
18. The Walkabouts “Train to Mercy”

In other news, I checked out Clap Your Hands Say Yeah opening for the National the other night. The show was completely packed, and I'm sure the club owner was praying the fire marshall had better places to be. The thing is, Clap Your Hands' performance was wildly disporportionate to the amount of excitement they generated. Are people so desperate to get in on the ground floor of the Next Big Thing that they're willing to suppress good taste? Apparently so, since about a third - maybe more - of them left before the National, who proceded to wipe CYHSY from memory. Boy, were they good. Their most recent record "Alligator" is really good, too, but live was something else.

One show I missed last week when I was seeing Beck was the Rosebuds. They're from North Carolina, and their second album "Birds Make Good Neighbors" briefly renewed my faith in indie-rock. I think the songs, and particularly the give and take vocals between husband and wife Ivan and Kelly, are frequently breathtaking.

I'm excited to dig into some new CDs I got. Old Sufjan Stevens, Sue Jorge, Dylan's "No Direction Home" collection, Sonic Youth's "Washing Machine," the new Joe Henry produced southern soul supergroup, and the upcoming Band boxed set. I was shocked to learn that the canonization of the Band is controversial in some circles, but c'mon. If you can't feel the music then you're not listening.


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