Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I knew this would happen

Swamped with work, I haven't had time to update. But now I do!

I saw Royksopp and Annie play Monday night. Annie was a lot of fun, but her 30 minute set was really too short. Royksopp started out strong but then reverted to two dudes behind a keyboard mode, which makes for pretty plain viewing.

Last night I saw Beck, and - shockingly - he was dull as cobblestone. Looked half asleep, the sound was bad, and the only good moment came when his band sat at a dinner table and went through the motions of ordering for a meal while Sir Beck played a sloppy solo set. Snooze. I have higher expectations for Sigur Ros tonight, where "snooze" actually serves as a sort of a compliment. They're so dreamy! [sigh]

Today I had to bring the car in for its first emissions inspection. All I have to say is that all that idling I did waiting in line probably did worse things for the environment (not to mention my disposition) than my car has managed in a year. Imagine the feeling of road rage with nothing to rage at, or bumper to bumper traffic when you're the only car, and you get the idea of the tedium. I'm also pretty convinced my ultra-long wait made my tech skip a few tests. There were less than five minutes of actual tests, which I watched him do as I stood in the air conditioned cubicle (with glass walls). While waiting there I watched the emission inspection infomercial, which showed all the steps I could see him not doing. Oh, well. Can't complain of only having a huge hunk of my time wasted instead of an even huger hunk.

Earlier today two women came by the house. I ignored the first doorbell, but when they rang again I answered.

Woman: Good morning! Do you ever notice that there's sometimes nothing but bad news on the news?
Me: Yeah.
Woman: Hurricane Katrina? There's another hurricane coming, too.
Me: Yes, they do that.
Woman: Well, there's a passage in the scripture [reaches for the Bible] where we can get an idea of what God thinks ...
Me: I'm pretty sure I know what God thinks.
Woman: Oh.
Me: I'm Jewish. Would you like to be Jewish?
Woman: [still smiling] What do you mean?
Me: I mean I don't need to see that book, and I have to get back to work.

It's a lose-lose situation, isn't it? Engage them and you raise their spirits. Resist, and you're just one more heathen to convert that will hasten their ascent to heaven.


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