Friday, December 09, 2005

Bloody Knuckles

Forget the snow. Today my knuckles got so dry they cracked and actually bled. I thought slathering them in Vaseline would forstall this bit of nastiness, but I guess now it's a repair mission and not a prevention mission. So if you're wondering why my hands are glistening like I've just been buttering my toast barehanded, blame it on the petroleum jelly.

The coolest thing I've seen lately is the new deluxe edition of Robert Rodriguez's "Sin City." This is the first time, I think, that his technical ingenuity has been matched with material worth his time. Watching the "15 Minute Flik School" - or, for that matter, the special feature that lets you watch the entire film in ten minutes, with no special effects, exclusively in front of extensive green screens - you get a real good idea how massive an accomplishment the film is. It's even revealed that there are entire scenes of the cast interacting, fighting, you name it, where no two actors were in the same room at the same time. Elijah Wood never met Mickey Rourke, but he fought him on screen. Brittany Murphy only worked on the movie for one day, but she's in all three parts. When the principals finally meet in a bar - Rourke, Murphy, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Bruce Wilis - none of them were ever on set together. Fascinating.

Best of all, though, may be Rodriguez's recipe feature for "Sin City Breakfast Tacos," which is not only fun and funny, but looks quite appetizing. In fact, I may try cooking them for the fam this weekend. Rodriguez may in the end be far from my favorite filmmaker, but for his renaissance man career alone he's my hero.

Oh, and the snarkiest DVD special feature I've encountered in a while is on the fourth volume of the ingeniously bizarre "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." Press "play all" and it does just that: plays every single season four episode at once, each given a little square on screen (a la "The Brady Bunch" credits), the sound blurring together into aggressive white noise. It took me a full two minutes to get the joke and figured out they had pulled a fast one on me.


Blogger Mike said...

That Aqua Teen thing was hilarious...but accurate. You did want to "play all" didn't you?

Just not at once!

3:56 PM  

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