Sunday, December 04, 2005


The so-called "unrated edition" is a frequently enlisted marketing tool for the DVD release of either controversial or outright shitty movies. Nowhere, however, do they ever mention that "unrated" simply means the material hasn't been submitted to the ratings board, and that were the additional footage submitted the results could just as easily evince anything from a PG to PG-13 to (typically at most) an R rating, and very, very rarely anything as scandalous as an NC-17.

Yet the touting of the "unrated" edition is rarely as desperate as this "Dukes of Hazzard" packaging. Note the red sticker (click image to enlarge). It should be mentioned, however, that said additional salacious material is limited to a few boobs, bad words and very mild pot humor, and runs less than a minute. It should also be mentioned that that the movie is really, really bad, and not worth watching for those scant extras seconds or otherwise. Stick to something cool this week, like Truffaut's' "Shoot the Piano Player," a much better DVD bet.


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