Monday, March 27, 2006

Pico Rico

Last week, after an online tip-off, Alma, Baby Z. and I ventured to a place called Pico Rico in Humboldt Park for some of their special chicken. And indeed, it was special! Perfectly cooked and seasoned, a whole bird for $15, with two sides (we got beans and sweet plantains) and a 2-liter of Pepsi (of which we maybe drank two glasses). Not a bad deal, and Z. had a blast.

The meal was an anomaly of sorts, since I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately. Like what, you ask? Let’s try to remember:

Thai peanut shrimp
Paella (easy version)
Chicken and leeks
Self-saucing chocolate pudding
Chocolate-chip angel food cake
Roast chicken
Shrimp in garlic/lemon butter
Orange shrimp (lots of shrimp dishes lately)
Chicken in bacon/shallot vinaigarette, over spinach

Um, there must be more, too. Alma? How’s your memory?

For recipes, as much as I hate her personality, I've been going with Rachael Ray, plus various Cooks Illustrated books and sometimes this Aussie chef, Bill Granger, who makes some awesome stuff. The self-saucing pudding is his, as was this amazing honey/soy glazed chicken with sweet chili sauce and his glazed salmon.

Oh, and one word of advice for all those attempting an egg-white intensive dessert, like angel food cake or whipped frosting. When the recipe says to use a mixer or whisk by hand, use the mixer. I got a blister trying to do it manually, which also took forever! Also, perhaps have a plan for what to do with the 15 (!) egg yolks you have leftover.

I recommend freezing them in an ice tray, like cubes, and then transferring them to a freezer bag. We got stuck with this big jug of yolks that was so imposing I didn’t have the heart or stomach to attempt a custard, flan or crème brulle. That’s a lot of yolks!


Anonymous Alma said...

Yes, I've been spoiled lately with Josh doing so much cooking. Heaven is most definitely coming home from work to a hot meal.

Zoe's shown some interest in Josh's cooking as well. She loves roast chicken and shrimp, but after a few bites of the peanut shrimp, she wanted Yo Baby yogurt.

But the cutest thing about Josh's culinary style: he preps all the ingredients and puts them in little bowls, just like a TV chef.

9:19 AM  

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