Monday, February 12, 2007

JT in a Box

My final day in New York, Wednesday, I spent mostly recovering at home, since my simmering cold had finally blossomed into a fuil-on sniff-a-thon. I did, however, need to deliver a set of keys to a mutual friend with a daughter Baby Z.'s age, who was taking over the place as soon as I finished with it.

The afternoon I spent heading to Chinatown for lunch with Jeff, whose parents were generously allowing me to stay in their place (whether they knew it or not). We had a whole bunch of meat, mostly pork and chicken, with some nice greasy dumplings and soup with ham and winter melon. Tasty but at the same time kind of gross, given my cold, but filling all the same.

Returning to home base I set up camp to wait for a messenger sent with my two tickets to Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden. There was a screw up, so I basically had to stay put until right before the show, so Brandon met me uptown for thai food before we drove midtown for JT at MSG. The show was pretty good, though not the best I had ever seen him, concluding with a semi-surprise performance of "Dick in a Box." At the least that shows JT doesn't take himself too seriously.

On the flight home the next morning my nose dripped the whole time. Did I get the cold in Mexico? In NYC, from my cousin's kids? The subway? From Z., before I left? It's a mystery, but I think I'm better now.


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