Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monday, February 5, New York

Monday I woke up at the usual time, 7:30 (6:30 back home, when Z. wakes up), and walked to Le Pain Quotidian, this wonderful looking Belgian chain (several locations in Belgium and France, a few in New York and a couple in LA). It was great, though all I bought was a yogurt parfait (organic, with fresh fruit) and a small coffee. I waited a while back at Jeff’s place, then hit the road/subway to meet my cousin Debby and her kids.

I figured I could just take the train up town a bit then walk across the park – which I did – but I had no idea there was a giant lake smack dab in the middle, which added several minutes to the trip. Once there on the Upper West Side, we ordered in sushi and I went to work entertaining the two kids, Daniel and Jessica, the former primarily by watching bits and pieces of “King Kong” and playing dinosaur.

After a few hours, I took the train far downtown, to Soho, where I wanted to hit both the famed Sullivan St. Bakery and a store called Uniqlo, which is basically the Japanese H&M. Sullivan St. – recently renamed Grandaisy, I guess – was remarkable,. I bought a piece of their pizza Bianca, which is a rectangular sauce-free slice seasoned with just a touch of salt and rosemary and served at room temperature. Huge piece, too, just for a buck. And they say there are no deals in New York.

Walking to Uniqlo was one of the colder experiences in recent memory, to I celebrated my arrival by buying a sweater. Then I met up with my friend Brandon for coffee and pastry before we drove a little across town (yes, people drive in New York) to the the NYC deli staple Katz’s, where I shared a huge corned beef sandwich. Totally wiped out, I headed home straight after that, ready for an even bigger day Tuesday.


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