Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Stealth VP?

It seems as if, for the time being, the McCain campaign is shielding Palin from the big, bad press. Is this really the precedent they want to set, after seven years of secretive VP in Chief Dick Cheney? There are less than two months left - can they really keep her under wraps the whole time? I somehow doubt it.

A week ago no one had ever heard of her, and right now she's still basking in the glow of being loved for ... what? Reading a speech well? Granted, that same criticism has been levied at Obama, yet he faced his critics head on. Obama's trial by fire also lasted over a year, and gave him plenty of time to defuse any ticking time bombs. Palin's hasn't even begun yet. So if people think, based on that one prime time speech, that they have any idea who Sarah Palin "really" is, they're sorely mistaken. The fun part hasn't even started.

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