Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go Bus Yourself

Today I saw something I'd never seen before. No, not the hot pink SUV with the license plate BAD CHIK; I saw that yesterday, too. Today I saw an angry man jaywalk in front of a school bus, turn to the driver and threaten him with a raised fist and a sneer.

It was a short bus, too.

Last night Alma and I went to a concert together, our first in months (and my first since, um, Friday, when I saw an absolutely electric set from A Tribe Called Quest). Alma and I caught Golden Smog, the Wilco/Jayhawks/Soul Asylum supergroup. This being Chicago, we lucked out, since for most of the scant dates the group has been playing it's been more of a Jayhawks/Soul Asylum deal, sans Jeff Tweedy, but of course Tweedy showed up for the tour ending hometown show. Now, if only they announced he'd be on the bill maybe the show would have sold out. You think?


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