Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rock n Roll-a-Thon

It’s concert season once again, and I’ve seen (and sometimes reviewed) some winners this seven days. And at least one loser, namely English enfant terrible Amy Winehouse, who’s a better drinker than she is a performer.

I fared better with Air, a band better known for being barely-there than blowing your socks off. Two nights later it was LCD Soundsystem, responsible for the best album of the year (so far), “Sound of Silver.” Another two nights later brings us up to date with a two-fer: an early show from the Arctic Monkeys, heroes to the British press (they were quite good, actually) and a late show from Peter Bjorn and John, whose performance was a whole lot better than their OK album “Writer’s Block” might indicate.

I get to rest my ears another two nights, and then I see Bjork, who a) doesn’t get played on the radio and b) keeps getting weirder and less commercial, yet c) sells out increasingly large venues. Go figure. I made up for the rock gap by visiting Jon Langford (of the Mekons, Wako Brothers, etc.) in his art studio to watch him work and find something to spend my tax rebate on.


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